An itch can be encouraged by many different things but excessive itching could be a sign of something potentially serious. If you are experiencing an occasional itch anywhere on the body then chances are you having nothing to worry about. However, if there is a targeted area that frequently itches and is accompanied by a rash, or redness, etc, then you may have a bigger problem.

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You can probably determine why you’re itching on your own, especially if you have dry skin. However, if you are worried about how often you feel itchy, you should seek professional advice from your doctor.

Causes for Feeling So Itchy

There are multiple reasons you could feel so itchy including normal psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety, etc. A majority of the time people experience an abnormal amount of itching due to dry skin. This is especially true during the colder weather season. The sun can also cause you to feel really itchy, especially if you’re recovering from a sunburn. This is both common and normal. An excessive feeling of itchiness can also occur from an allergic reaction. Certain medications can cause this, even more so for those that treat certain conditions; cancer, kidney diseases, etc. Different skin conditions can also cause you to feel so itchy like scabies or even bug bites. The causes of itchy are very extensive and only you can better determine what could be making you so itchy.

Treatment for Feeling So Itchy

There are different methods you can try when it comes to treating the excessive itchy feeling. Cold water is one option. You can do this by taking a cold shower, applying a cold press or cloth, or even using a cold ice pack. Hot water will usually intensify the itching so it’s not recommended as a treatment aid for itchy skin. Anti-itch creams and over the counter medicine can help relieve some of the itch. Some people recommend products with pramoxine, camphor, menthol, or silver on the ingredient label. It is best to avoid hydrocortisone creams as they usually just intensify the itch if it’s an itch from a rash. So unless you are 100% sure it’s not a rash, you shouldn’t use hydrocortisone creams.