Having an itchy itch can be agonizing.

Especially if its something embarrassing like an itchy scrotum, vulva, anus, or foreskin.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it: get rid of the bacterial or fungal cause.

According to MedicineNet.com:

“Infections and infestations of the skin are another cause of itch. Common infectious causes of itch include a fungal infection of the crotch (tinea cruris) commonly known as jock itch, as well as vaginal itching and/or anal itching from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other types of infections.”

Fortunately, structured silver gel eliminates bacteria and fungus with ease. It is available online and gets to work immediately. The best silver gel doesn’t contain scents, TEA, petroleum or alcohol. It kills pathogens on contact, yet doesn’t cause side effects like alcohol burning or cracking.

According to the book “A New Fighting Chance”:

“Itching and scaling can occur for many reasons, including bacteria, viruses, yeast, and allergies.  Regardless of the cause, dry skin is always a factor.  Structured silver gel or liquid will reduce pain, inflammation, itching, and scaling.  Additionally, it may remove the cause of itching. 
Itching of the crotch is a common and embarrassing source of discomfort.  This includes itchy vagina, itchy foreskin, itchy scrotum, and itchy rectum.  For all of these itches, application of the gel several times a day can sooth the itch while simultaneously eliminating bacteria and fungus that may be the cause of the itch.  Proper hygiene is essential for long-term prevention.
If you live in a warm, humid, or tropical climate, you may have a fungal or bacterial infection that grows in the warm, moist folds of the skin, including the groin.  Simple application of the structured silver gel or liquid twice daily should keep it under control.  For more aggressive cases, it can be used five times a day.  In addition, at least one teaspoon of structured silver liquid should also be taken orally twice a day.
Structured silver can also be applied to itching behind the ears, itchy pimples, itchy armpits, and other areas affected by itch.  The gel or liquid can be applied to children and adults of any age.”

From personal experience, I can tell you that silver works. Itchy eyes? I put in drops of the liquid and the itch subsides. Itchy spots on my body? I put on gel and the itch goes away. Itchy toes? Gel on, itch off!

There are other ways to eliminate the cause of itch like prescription drugs, so if you don’t like the idea of using silver you can talk to your doctor for other suggestions. Regardless of how you do it, get rid of the source of the itch and your day will get better rapidly!



Structured Silver Gel
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May Your Itch Be Gone Soon!!