Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances, scratch your itchy anus! Yes it is annoying and uncomfortable but you may end up causing more damage, which means more healing time will be needed in order for it to clear up completely.

The makeup of your anus consists of various folds in which tiny fecal matter can be trapped. Bodily fluids from the anus or the vagina, combined with fecal matter, promote a breeding ground for bacteria. And that’s what makes your anus soooooooooooooo itchy!

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Causes & Treatments for an Itchy Anus

There can be various reasons that cause an anus to itch. Poor hygiene can be the result of an anus itch if the area is not cleaned on a daily basis. However, washing too much can also result in an itchy anus by causing dry skin or irritation.

Using mild cleansing soaps will leave the area clean and not irritate the area. Over the counter wipes contain alcohol, perfume, and preservatives which can irritate the anus. Discontinue use if itching occurs.
Hemorrhoids (piles) are classified into three categories:

  • Internal (which cause no pain)
  • Second degree (in which piles fall downwards after bowl movements)
  • Third degree (in which the piles remain fallen and lie outside the body)

Over the counter hemorrhoid cream will ease the itching that occurs with anus itch.  Or, for more immediate relief, a quick hand to the butt can help matters too. :)  But seriously, some creams, powders, and lotions can really help.

When to Seek Medical Treatment of an Itchy Anus

Itchy anus is usually the result of some mild problem that can be treated by changing soaps, underwear, or improving hygiene. If you experience genital warts or herpes then it is time to see a doctor. Both of these viruses are sexually transmitted and should be treated by a doctor. Threadworms (pinworms) are another potential source of anus itch. These tiny worms come out at night and lay eggs around your anus. If you suspect that you may have worms, seek medical attention immediately.