Feeling itchy between the toes? It is a common occurrence that athletes and non athletes have every year. Athlete’s foot, tinea pedis, is a fungus that thrives in warm, moist places. The fungus that causes athletes foot is also known as trichophyton. Common growing grounds are the extremities, groin, feet, nails, truck, and scalp. When athlete’s foot is present the skin will have dry flakes, peeling, and possibly moisture. In rare cases, blisters may form. If you are unsure if you have athlete’s foot, then see your primary physician.

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Itchy Between the Toes Treatment

If you are itchy between the toes you can purchase some over the counter athlete’s foot medication. There are different strengths available and it also comes in three forms which are powder, cream, and spray. Choose a method that is best for you and will allow the area to heal properly. Although the medication recommends a seven day treatment, doctors recommend treating athlete’s foot for one month in order for your feet to not relapse. Your feet will remain itchy between the toes if left untreated.

Itchy Between the Toes Prevention

Itchy between the toes prevention includes keeping the feet dry and clean, removing shoes, allowing feet to breathe, and wearing sandals in public swimming areas. Another preventative method is to sprinkle your shoes with athlete’s foot powder just to keep the inside of your shoes dry. Moisture needs to be curbed at every point in order to prevent athlete’s foot. Wearing tennis shoes that ventilate around the toe area is a great method to prevent wet feet. Washing the feet on a regular basis means that you are washing away any bacteria that is trying to grow between the toes. Keeping your feet clean and dry is the key to healthy feet.