Itchy bumps can be the result of insect bites, fungus, allergies, plant irritation, or bacterial infections. Itchy bumps typically diminish after the initial treatment but if not, additional treatments can be used.

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Treatment for Itchy Bumps

Itchy bumps can be treated once they are correctly identified. Doctors will typically examine the area surrounding the bumps to narrow down the culprit. Insect bites can be located anywhere on the body so a doctor may be needed to state what exactly caused the itchy bump. Mild insect bites should be cleaned with peroxide if wound is open then treated with Benadryl cream. Fungus bumps that are located on the feet can be treated with athlete’s foot cream. Fungus located on the external genitals should be treated with medications for that specific area such as Monistat 7. Allergies can also cause itchy bumps when your skin comes into contact with a substance that your immune system doesn’t like. Verify that allergic reaction is mild and take some Benadryl. If allergic reaction is severe, seek medical attention immediately. If the itchy bumps are caused from plant irritation, rinsed the area with water first followed by a shower with soap. Scrub underneath the nails to ensure the irritant isn’t spread to other areas of the body. Bacterial infections could be treated with antibiotics but it is up to the doctor to determine which antibiotic would work best for your itchy bumps.

Prevention of Itchy Bumps

Itchy bumps can be prevented if certain precautions are taken into consideration before the activity. If you will be outside, apply Off© or a similar product to areas that will be exposed to insects and on clothing. Taking allergy medication on a daily basis will also lessen the occurrence of an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to certain insects then do not work in those areas where insects are present. Keep Benadryl and Calamine lotion on hand in case itchy bumps appear. Get plenty of rest and liquids on a daily basis and your body will heal quicker if you do get itchy bumps.