It’s very common for people to experience some itching of the skin but when they experience burning as well it can become a little more disturbing. Not only is it uncomfortable but it’s annoying and frustrating when you aren’t sure what exactly caused the itchy burning skin in the first place. There are different things can cause the skin to become itchy with a burning sensation so do not be discouraged. Even if you aren’t able to figure out the reason or are unsuccessful at treating your itchy burning skin you can visit with a dermatologist or skin expert to rule out any potential serious skin conditions.

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Causes of Itchy Burning Skin

An allergic reaction to the skin cause cause it to burn and be itchy. An allergic reaction can occur from anything that comes into regular direct contact with your skin. Depending on the area of skin that is itchy and burning, you may be able to pinpoint a specific thing that could be causing it. For instance, it could be your laundry detergent irritating the skin, it could be a lotion you just tried out for the first time, it could even be the material of a new outfit you just purchased and wore. There are many possibilities of an allergic reaction so use your better judgment to determine the culprit. Itchy burning skin can also be a sign of Eczema or Psoriasis and should not be ignored.

Treatments For Itchy Burning Skin

First try changing soaps, and any other things that have recently come into contact with the infected area for the very first time. You don’t want to further irritate the skin and make it burn even more. If you have had this itchy burning skin over a long period of time it is recommended that you consult your physician.