It can be an embarrassing thing to deal with but some people regularly have an itchy crotch. This doesn’t mean they have an STD, it just simply means that some of us are not as fortunate. An itchy crotch can be brought on by numerous factors and this makes it harder to avoid sometimes. You didn’t realize that the specific detergent you just bought was going to have a reaction to your skin and make your crotch itchy. Don’t worry, while many things can encourage an itchy crotch, many things can be done to get rid of an itchy crotch as well.

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Causes of an Itchy Crotch

So many things need to be taken into consideration when determining the cause of your itchy crotch. The type of detergent you are using could be irritating your crotch, therefore leaving it uncomfortably itchy. Friction is a very common cause for an itchy crotch. This happens from your skin rubbing against skin creating friction. Once the skin has created friction, the skin becomes irritated leaving it tender, red and of course, itchy. Fungus is also another common culprit to an itchy crotch. If your crotch is limited to air, the warmth and moistness of your crotch is a breeding ground for fungus. If you are experiencing excessive itching then this could be something more serious. Pubic lice for instance or even scabies. You should seek the attention of your doctor to properly determine the cause of your itchy crotch.

Treatment for an Itchy Crotch

There are many things you can do at home to treat your itchy crotch, however if your crotch is red, and the skin is broken you should seek medical help at once with your doctor as this could be a sign of something more serious. If you are aware that your skin rubs together, apply some powder to the skin. Try using talcum powder or even cornstarch. Regularly wash your crotch. Do not over cleanse the crotch, but if you sweat during the day say for your job or at the gym, always clean your crotch to prevent irritation or bacteria from developing. Wear loose fitting clothes that allow air to penetrate to the crotch so as not to collect moisture.