Perhaps its spring when all of the flower and trees are blooming or maybe you’ve caught something at work/school. Whatever the culprit, itchy eyes can make your life a lot harder when they are irritated. Itchy eyes can be caused from allergies, pinkeye, conjunctivitis and/or the common cold.

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Treatment For Itchy Eyes

Allergies often leave your eyes itchy, red, and possibly swollen. Over the counter eye drops will relieve the itchiness and pain associated with allergies. Allergies are not contagious so you can go about your daily life. Pinkeye on the other hand is very contagious. Pinkeye leaves the white parts of the eye red. It is very common to wake up with your eye(s) crusted and hard to open. Using warm water will allow you to clean the gunk off. See your primary physician for treatment. Conjunctivitis can only be diagnosed by your optician or ophthalmologist. Leaving contacts in overnight will allow bacteria to attach to the eyelid causing infection. Small bumps appear under the eyelid leaving your eye(s) feeling grainy. If your eyes are grainy, red, and irritated then you could possibly have conjunctivitis. The common cold can leave your eyes feeling swollen, watery, and itchy. Eye drops will alleviate eye irritation. See your eye doctor for diagnosis if you cannot diagnose it yourself.

Prevention of Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes can be somewhat prevented depending on the cause whether it’s allergies, pinkeye, conjunctivitis, or the common cold. In order to prevent eye irritation from allergies it is vital to know what you are allergic too. Installing a Hepa air filter will clean the air inside your home. Wearing a mask outside when you’re mowing will decrease the occurrence of itchy eyes. Pinkeye contamination can be decreased by washing hands frequently. The common cold occurs at any given moment of the year. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and frequent hand washing can all lessen the occurrence of catching the common cold.