Some people will constantly experience an itchy face and never seek a solution. Having an itchy face an be embarrassing if you feel you’re constantly scratching it. It can also cause more irritation to your face. If you have a skin condition that is causing the itch, not seeking a solution may only increase the condition.

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Causes Of An Itchy Face

The causes for an itchy face are numerous. First of all if your face is also red this could be a sign of eczema and you should consult your dermatologist. You may also be allergic to your facial soap or other facial products you use on a regular basis. For women, certain makeup can irritate the skin making it itchy as well. Take any facial product you use regularly into consideration, especially if the itching has just begun. What have you changed soap wise, etc.? Acne can also be itchy which in turn leaves you with a rather itchy face if you have quite a big of acne. Dry skin plays a large role in the itching department but moisturizers can help.

Treatments For An Itchy Face

Depending on your level of itchiness you shouldn’t have much of a problem curing your itchy face. For dry skin look for a moisturizer targeted to your skin type. Try to choose one that is fragrance free to avoid the chance of further irritation. Change your facial soap. There’s a chance your soap could be robbing your face of the natural oils it needs leaving you with an itchy face. If you have a rather more serious itchy face you should seek the advice of your dermatologist to prevent further damage. If you have prolonged symptoms you should talk to your dermatologist or doctor to find the culprit. Normal itchy problems of the face will usually clear in a week or so assuming you know the cause.