Moles can be somewhat annoying even when they aren’t itching. Especially if they are in an odd or uncomfortable place. If you find yourself frequently scratching an itchy mole you may not want to simply ignore it. If a mole is itchy it could be a sign of a serious condition. However, depending on where the mole is located, it could simply be itching because of an irritation from clothing, etc. If you are still itching after trying multiple treatments then you should see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Causes Of An Itchy Mole

It isn’t too common for people to have itchy moles but it can and does happen. Different factors can be the cause such as the sun. During the warmest part of the day UV rays from the sun can actually become strong enough to burn the skin resulting in a mole. If you shave the area around the itchy mole this could be the reason it itches. Shaving can cause irritation to the moles, as can certain products that you may apply over the mole. For instance, if the mole is on your face and you use a certain facial moisturizer, there’s a chance the moisturizer is irritating the mole. You want to consider anything that comes into contact with the mole as a cause for it to be itchy.

Treatments For An Itchy Mole

The best to help relive itching of a mole is by regularly wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 15. If the mole is exposed to the sun when you’re outdoors then make sure you have sunblock on. Otherwise you should cover it up with your clothing if possible. This is especially crucial for people who are in prolonged sunlight because of their job. Some people wear clear bandages on theirs to protect it in an unnoticeable way. You should also see a skin expert to make sure the mole isn’t cancerous.