If you currently have itchy pimples, don’t be ashamed because you aren’t the only one. Many people experience itchy pimples and also do not realize that scratching them only makes them worse. It is not an uncommon problem however not everyone will take notice and instead ignore it, only for it to become worse. The best thing to do is not touch or scratch the itchy pimples whatsoever.

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Causes Of Itchy Pimples

Various factors can cause pimples to become itchy. Usually it is bacteria, known or unknown, that cause this. One of the main reasons people are advised not to scratch them? Because any bacteria that happens to be under your nails could easily be transferred when you scratch those itchy pimples. This will only worsen the problem. However, sometimes pimples become itchy because of irritation, heat, or even hives. Take note if your skin is lacking the proper moisture as this could also cause itchy pimples. Your current facial wash or scrub could also be causing your pimples to itch due to irritation. If you have used this product for a long time you can rule this out. Only take this into consideration if you currently started using a new face wash or scrub.

Treatments For Itchy Pimples

Most often using a quality acne wash or gel can help reduce and even eliminate itchy pimples. Depending on where the itchy pimples are located you should be able to try an acne-clearing product. Also consider a light moisturizer as not to clog the pores of the skin but have the ability to properly moisturize the pimple and surrounding area. Sometimes getting a targeted pimple fighting cream can help relive the itchy feeling as well as treat the pimple. If you have tried countless things and nothing is working consult your dermatologist for advice.