Rashes are a common nuisance for numerous people. Mainly because of the wide variety of rashes but usually they’re accompanied by an itch. This can be tough because scratching an itchy rash normally just makes it worse. Rashes are normally just red and unappealing. However, if the rash itches, this is normally a viral rash or a rash brought on by an allergic reaction. It could also be hives.

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Causes Of An Itchy Rash

As mentioned before, the rash could be the result of a viral infection or allergic reaction to something. Once you are able to rule out that it’s viral or fungal you can better determine the cause of your itchy rash. If the rash just appeared one day, more than likely it’s something you have recently changed. Such as your laundry detergent, purchased new clothing, changed body wash, shampoo, etc.? Anything that has recently come in contact with your skin could be the culprit of your itchy rash. Your water can also play a part because of any lead or chlorine it may contain. If you feel the rash is more serious, make an appointment right away with your doctor to rule out any serious skin conditions.

Treatments For An Itchy Rash

Luckily, there are plenty of things you yourself can do to treat your itchy rash. If the rash seems to be spreading more or has any type of liquid seeping, see your doctor right away. This could be a sign for something more serious than a typical itchy rash. You can use over the counter antihistamines to treat your itchy rash, however keep in mind that some types of antihistamines can cause fatigue. Consider installing a shower filter to help remove the bad chemicals that can encourage an itchy rash. If dry skin is the culprit of your itchy rash, consider a medicated moisturizing lotion. You want to make sure it won’t irritate the skin spreading or worsening the itchy rash.