An itchy rectum is a common problem for many people. An itchy rectum can occur for numerous reasons so it can be a bit tough to narrow down the main culprit to your itchy rectum. Just because the rectum itches it doesn’t mean that a disease is also present. A majority of people will automatically assume they have hemorrhoids, but it is not recommended you use any type of topical treatment until you have a better of idea of the cause instead of assuming.

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Causes of an Itchy Rectum

Improper cleaning of the rectum, such as not wiping well after a bowel movement can cause the rectum to itch. If one drinks lots of fluids during the day, leakage can occur out of the rectum which in turn causes it to itch. Your diet may also be the reason for this uncomfortable experience. Certain foods are an irritation to the rectum including spicy foods, milk, certain alcoholic beverages, chocolate and even coffee, just to name a few. Keep an eye on your diet to see if this may be your cause. Consider any dyes or perfumes that may come into contact with your rectum. This includes body wash, soap, hygiene sprays, and even toilet paper. If you use any kind of prescription or over the counter medications you should consider them as well.

Or, an itchy rectum can basically be like jock itch.

Cures for an Itchy Rectum

The best way to cure this problem is considering your diet and any chemicals or fragrances that come into contact with the area. If you don’t believe this to be the cause, you should talk with your doctor. Be prepared to tell them your diet in detail, your medical history, any skin conditions you may have. All of these can play a part in relieving rectum itching and in order to cure the problem, everything must be taken into consideration.