Having an occasional itchy scrotum is normal and quite common. However, frequently having an itchy scrotum could be a sign of a more serious problem. It doesn’t mean you should worry but you definitely don’t want to ignore it in hopes that it’ll go away on its own. Prevention is the best tool and by ignoring potentially serious signs or symptoms, you could be paving the way for serious health issues later down the road. You have nothing to lose by getting a check up to make sure your itchy scrotum isn’t a serious problem.

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Causes Of An Itchy Scrotum

Certain things can cause the scrotum to itch; some being minor while others are more major. Certain infections can cause an itch like scabies or a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections are rather common because of the scrotum’s location. Poor hygiene can encourage this so it’s best to wash the scrotum well. Too tight underwear or pants can also block the scrotum from receiving enough oxygen. If this happens, moisture can build up causing itchiness and other uncomfortable problems. Simply dry skin could also cause the scrotum to itch.

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Treatments For An Itchy Scrotum

There are numerous treatments to try when it comes to relieving an itchy scrotum. Of course, it also depends on the cause of the itch. Wear loose-fitting clothes so the scrotum doesn’t become chaffed causing it to itch. Wash and rinse the scrotum very well everyday. Consider using fragrance free soaps and laundry detergent as certain perfumes can cause irritation and itching. If there are other symptoms that accompany the itch you might seek advice from your doctor to rule out any serious possibilities. Apply lotion if the scrotum is only dry to help relive the itching of dry skin.