You might believe this to be a common thing for yourself, but it’s not always so simple. Sure if you have an itch you scratch it, usually unconsciously, but sometimes itchy skin can become something more serious than a normal itch. If you find yourself frequently having to scratch an itch, you might consider paying a little closer attention. Catching seriously itchy skin before it becomes something worse is very beneficial in this case. If you experience any redness, odd skin texture, dry or cracked skin as well as any spots, blisters, or even bumps, you should take precautions.

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Causes of Itchy Skin

If you aren’t noticing any additional effects rather than your skin just simply being itchy, more than likely you only have dry skin. Dry skin can be the result of certain weather conditions and hygiene conditions. You can easily fix these. Moisturize your skin during cold weather and don’t wash your skin more than twice a day. Washing excessively can dry your skin out and strip it of the natural oil. If you notice any of the previously mentioned effects then you may have a more serious condition. Some of the skin conditions that will cause itchy skin include hives, dermatitis, lice and even scabies. Internal diseases can also be a culprit of itchy skin including thyroid problems, and iron deficiency among many. You might also be experiencing dry skin because a recent switch in laundry detergent, soap, or any other fragranced item that comes into contact with your skin. It could be irritating your skin causing an allergic reaction. Certain drugs will also cause itchy skin so any medication, both prescription and over-the-counter , that you take you should research to see if it’s the cause.

Cures for Itchy Skin

First and foremost, do not scratch when you feel the need to itch. Keep your nails cut short and if needed, wear gloves at night to keep yourself from unconsciously scratching. Wear cotton clothing as it is known to be less irritable to the skin. Only use mild soap that contain no fragrance or perfumes. Use hydrocortisone cream, containing at least 1% of hydrocortisone to help get rid of your itch. Take a bath in cool water. Consider adding a little baking soda or uncooked oatmeal as well to help relieve the itch. If you have serious itching lasting longer than two weeks you should contact your doctor right away.