Vaginal itching is a common problem for many women. An itchy vagina does not necessarily mean you have a big problem on your hands. There are many lifestyle factors that can cause this. Some being rather obvious ones while others not many people are very aware of. Your diet can play a role as certain foods can encourage yeast infections which have a side effect of itching.

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Causes Of An Itchy Vagina

First of all if you normally wear many layers of clothing your vagina is bound to itch eventually. Being covered for a lengthy amount of time can basically smother your vagina making it itchy. This is because any bacteria that may be present is trapped. However, the multiple layers can also encourage bacteria to produce because of the warm moist condition your vagina is in. Certain soaps or fragrances can also cause irritation which in turn makes the vagina itchy. Last but not least a yeast infection will normally cause a very itchy vagina. Yeast infections are normally accompanied by a foul odor as well as discharge so they’re usually easily identified.

Treatments For An Itchy Vagina

Depending on the reason you have an itchy vagina, there are different things you can try to cure the itching. Try to wear cotton panties as they allow air to come in so your vagina doesn’t become a bacteria breeding ground. Also consider changing laundry soap, feminine sprays, body wash, or anything else that comes into direct contact with the vagina. If you have a yeast infection there are many over the counter products that can help treat it. Be sure to keep in mind that the itching could also just be the vaginal tissue thinning prior to menopause, so you would have to be of age of course.