Prolonged itchy skin is typically caused by fungal infections, yeast overgrowth, allergies, vitamin A overload, chemical irritation, and plant irritations.

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Treatment for Prolonged Itchy Skin

Visit a doctor to define your symptoms in order to treat prolonged itchy skin. For fungal infections, treatment is based on what type of fungal infection exists. Fungal infection treatment comes in two forms: topical or oral. Skin allergens are also quite common and can be treated with isolating the cause and avoiding it. Over the counter antihistamines can also provide relief for skin allergen sufferers. Vitamin A is quite useful for the body but in cases in which there is too much in the body, prolonged itchy skin may occur. Just reduce your dosage in order to balance out the Vitamin A levels within the body. Chemical irritation can be treated by using natural shampoos, lotions, and soaps which do not contain dyes. Plant irritations should be treated with rubbing alcohol within the first 10 minutes of exposure. The area should then be rinsed with water without soap. Taking a shower with soap to cleanse the body will ensure the plant irritation is removed from the skin. Ensure that all clothing worn before is washed with water first then water and soap.

Prolonged Itchy Skin Prevention

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis will prevent prolonged itchy skin. Avoid products that have chemicals in them since chemicals can irritate the skin. Wearing sun block and protective clothing outside will prevent bug bites, sun damage, and plant irritations such as poison ivy. Try taking a multi vitamin that focuses on vitamins B1, B2, B12, folate, A, C, iron, and copper. All eight vitamins work together to keep your skin and other organs healthy. The best preventative care against prolonged itchy skin is to maintain healthy skin on a daily basis.